Dr. Anna Rakovska

Eco-innovation Methodology, Eco-Strategies, Patent Analysis, Lifecycle Assessment, Green Technologies.

Sustainability Consultant since 2008 in close collaboration with Gingko 21, also teaching business sustainability and eco-design at Universities and Fachhochschulen.  Anna draws on 10 years of industrial experience in  R&D, value engineering and  marketing with global companies.  She has developed innovative materials and systems in the area of opto-electronics, telecommunications and medical imaging.  Anna is a graduate of Ecole Supérieure de Physique et Chimie de Paris and holds a Ph.D in Solid State Physics and an MBA.

 Adriana Müller-Blatt

Environmental Engineering, Waste Management, Environmental Regulations, Trainings.

An Engineering graduate in Environmental Protection from the University of Nürtingen, Adriana has experience with Solid Waste Management (Merck, city), Independent Consulting and organising educational trainings on environmental topics.